Who Should Be Part of Your Wedding Party?

Posted on 13th April 2017
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As soon as you and your other half decide to tie the knot, it can seem as if the list of things to organise and arrange is endless. Besides finding the venue, picking a photographer and writing your vows, an essential part of every wedding day is the party that you choose to help keep you and your groom sane!

What is a Wedding Party?

While the reception is a part of every wedding that both the guests and the couple look forward to, blowing off some steam while celebrating in style, the actual wedding party is something very different. This is the group of people that the couple chooses to help them organise the wedding, and to ensure nothing goes wrong during it! Essential members of the wedding party include:

  • Best man
  • Maid of honour
  • Bridesmaids
  • Flower girls
  • Father and mother of the bride
  • Father and mother of the groom
  • Ushers

How to Choose the Members of Your Wedding Party?

Ultimately, you need to be surrounded by positive people that make you feel calm and confident during one of the most important days of your life! If you’re finding it hard to choose your wedding party, here are some things to consider:

  • Make an initial list of options

This will help you and your partner start the initial discussion.

  • Consider family (from both sides)

After all, weddings are as much about family as they are your friends. Even though you may not see your siblings as much as you do your friends, they will always be your relative and including them in your wedding party can help you to create special memories, acknowledging your bond.

  • Give informal invites before finalising your decision

Once you have decided who you want to be part of your wedding party, ask them informally first to ensure that they would like to attend your wedding and that they have no prior commitments. If your chosen maid of honour is busy, then this may affect your final decision.

  • Clarify the commitments you expect each member to fulfil

Again, this will be another deciding factor when picking your party. Identify the roles and responsibilities you expect each assigned member to fulfil, and clearly explain this to them when you invite them to join!

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