What to Expect at a Wedding Dress Fitting

Posted on 8th July 2017
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When you get engaged, it can be difficult to know what to expect from the wedding planning process! You’ll likely have a million and one questions: How do you plan a hen party? How do I stay calm when walking down the aisle? What should I expect at a wedding dress fitting?

While we can’t help too much with the first two questions, here at A Bride-2-Bee we can certainly let you know a little bit more about what happens when you step inside our bridal store.

Your 1st Appointment


First, your Bridal Consultant will greet you and ensure that you and your guests are comfortable – you might be here a rather long time! Once settled comfortably, we’ll find out a bit more about your wedding and your ideas for what you want from your wedding dress, things like:

  • Have you tried on any wedding dresses before?
  • Have you seen anything on our website or social media that has caught your eye?
  • Do you have any ideas in mind about the style you would like?
  • Where is your venue?
  • What is the theme/style/feel of your wedding?

Trying on Wedding Dresses – the fun really begins!

These questions will all inform the types of gowns that will be appropriate for you. For example, a bride getting married in a church may want to opt for something more covered up, while destination weddings can lend themselves towards more daring styles.

We’ll walk and talk you through our award-winning designers and give you a handful of coloured ‘pegs’. You and your guests’ job is then to browse through our collection and pick out the dresses you’d like to try, popping one of your pegs onto the hanger. Everything is accessible - you can pull the gowns out, feel the fabric, appreciate the delicate details – we believe this is important while searching for your dream dress. When you’ve selected your gowns, it’s time to start trying on! We have huge changing rooms and we’ll help you in and out of the gowns you picked out. After trying on a few dresses and showing your friends and family, you and your Bridal Consultant will have gained an understanding of the types of gown that are working best and make you feel confident.

Focussed Search

If you haven’t landed on a firm favourite, your Bridal Consultant will offer you a further selection of gowns that she feels will tick all of your boxes, and she may even bring out a wildcard – perhaps a silhouette that you may not have considered before or detailing that will work perfectly with your theme. Towards the end of your appointment we’ll encourage you to retry your favourites, and perhaps add some accessories, to narrow down your list until you are sure you’ve found ‘The One!’.

When You Find ‘The One!’

Often, many brides will totally fall in love with a gown after this process and this is when we get the bubbly out to celebrate. Your Bridal Consultant will take your measurements and order in the appropriate size for you and 50% of the dress price is paid. We’ll also give you a bundle of info about what happens next and the additional services that we offer, so please take the time to read this.

If You’re Still Not Sure

We don’t pressure any brides into making decisions they’re not sure about, so we will happily book a second appointment to allow you to try on your favourites again with a fresh mind.

Once the Dress Has Been Ordered

It can take 3-6 months for your chosen gown to be made by the designer, so it’s a good idea to start searching for your dress early on into the wedding planning process, we suggest at least 9-12 months before the wedding day.

Once the wait is over and the gown arrives in store and has passed our quality checks, we’ll invite you in for another appointment, this time to try YOUR wedding dress – exciting!! We can also use this appointment to try out any bridal accessories if you didn’t decide on these previously. The final 50% price is paid and then you can take your dress away with you – making sure your OH doesn’t sneak a peek!

Book an appointment today with our friendly expert team here at A Bride-2-Bee to start your bridal gown shopping journey in style.

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