How to Successfully Accessorise on your Wedding Day

Posted on 1st February 2018
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Chances are you will have heard of the famous maxim: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” When it comes to accessorising on your wedding day, you’re supposed to stick to that; so, the new could be the dress, the old could be the veil, a piece of jewellery could be borrowed and a blue ribbon would complete the rhyme. Older versions of the saying also add ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’, but since nobody has sixpences anymore, this has fallen out of fashion.

However, this is just a saying, and it’s much more important to accessorise your wedding dress in the way you want to. But choosing bridal accessories can be much more stressful than choosing everyday details, however, we bees are here to help!

Pay attention to the colour of your gown

If you’ve gone for the classic ‘white’ gown, consider what shade it actually is, it will often be ivory and ivory can come in a whole host of hues! Some metals look better with creamier tones, and some with brilliant white. For example, on-trend rose gold can look amazing with darker ivories and even blush tones, traditional gold works well with a range of ivories, and whiter gowns suit silver. Don’t pair a rose gold necklace with a dress sparkling with silver beadwork either — make sure your look is put-together. This applies to veils as well, be careful to match your dress colour to your veil colour.

Don’t forget your hair!

Most brides wear some kind of headpiece. Decide early on if you want to, and how it will look with your gown. A birdcage veil might not work with a ballgown, and a tiara might be too much on top of a cocktail-length dress. You’ll also have to ask your hairstylist if they can help secure it in your coif, or it could become loose at a crucial moment.

Break in your shoes

Of course, every bride wants shoes that go with the gown on her wedding day. But don’t make the mistake of buying gorgeous shoes that are impossible to walk in! Your feet will swell from standing all day (and dancing all night!) so don’t order too small. Wear them around at home with socks and your shoes should get used to your feet in no time but get your chief bridesmaid to bring along a pack of plasters just in case. If you want to wear heels for the ceremony but change out of them for dancing, do the same for your flats, but remember your gown will be longer so will need lifting as you walk/dance. Don’t forget your heel stoppers if you plan to walk on grass or they might be a requirement if you’re marrying in a stately home.

Don’t feel like you have to be ‘the perfect bride’

Your wedding day is about you and your loved ones. If you’re uncomfortable wearing earrings, or you don’t want to wear contacts instead of glasses for the ceremony, then don’t! Accessorizing should be a way to help your personality shine through, not to suppress it for the sake of photos.


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