To ensure your item(s) are perfect for your big day we have put together a few tips to help you look after them. Appropriate care must be taken of all item(s) due to their delicate nature.

Please keep your item(s) in their protective boxes and/or bags whilst storing them. Ensuring it/they will be protected from children, pets, heat and moisture. Try to avoid touching or trying on your item(s).

General Dress Care

When opening your dress bag please be extra cautious when unzipping. Place a finger behind the zip to avoid catching your garment(s).

Always hang your gown by the underarm loops located inside, never by the dress straps or shoulders. By using these loops, you can avoid stretching or sagging at the seams. Always keep the train of your bridal gown hooked up to the hanger by using the train loop inside the skirt.

Be careful not to snag delicate fabric with sharp edged jewellery. It’s best to take all jewellery off when you are trying on your gown. They look great but blingy shoes can catch on the hems and petticoats of your skirt, so opt for shoes with smooth decorations.

Be extra careful when trying on your gown if you are wearing fake tan and/or make-up.

 On your wedding day, it is not uncommon for your gown to become damaged from normal wear and tear. at least one person will step on your train! After the ceremony and formal photographs have been taken we recommend using a hook up or bustle to take up most of the train length.

When turning in your gown, remember to take a wide sweeping circle to avoid the train gathering under your feet, and potentially tripping you up!

If you go to an unusual location for photographs, lift your skirt and try to prevent sharp or rough edged objects snagging your gown.

Have safety pins on hand - if the worst happens, these could help get you through the day!

Care at Alterations

We can arrange for your dress alterations to be carried out in store by an experienced bridal seamstress, or we can suggest local bridal seamstresses to contact. Alternatively you are welcome to take your dress(es) to a seamstress of your choice but please use a seamstress experienced in working with formal/bridal gowns. Please call us to make an appointment or to discuss further

Preventing Creasing

We offer pressing service (cost £15) for any wedding dress purchased from A Bride-2-Bee so that it is ready for your big day. Garments must be brought into store a minimum of seven days before your requested collection date.

Please bring a clean, light coloured double duvet COVER (not a duvet please!) with all the poppers/buttons intact when you collect your gown after pressing. This will protect your wedding dress during transit and keep creasing to a minimum. We will give you your dress bag back so you can place it safely inside after your wedding.

If you can, place the seats down in your car so your wedding dress can be laid out to help prevent creasing.

We will show you how to lay out your gown when you get to your destination to help prevent creasing.

Veil Care

To keep your veil in perfect condition, please keep it in its protective plastic packaging until one or two weeks before your wedding. Then carefully take it out and and hang it up by its special hook (if one was not supplied, just attach the comb to a trouser hanger) in a safe place away from pets and small children. After a few days hanging, the creases should fall out. If not, try hanging in a steamy bathroom (away from direct steam if it has sparkles on it!). Please do not iron your veil. If your veil does not have any sparkle we are able to steam it at no charge if you bring it in with your dress. In this case please leave in the packaging and drop off into store no later than seven days before you plan to collect it.

Be very careful not to push the hair comb through your veil, the net is very delicate.

Tiara / Headpiece Care

Please keep tiaras and hair pieces wrapped in the tissue paper provided and in their box or bag until needed.

Most tiaras have flexible mountings so they can be moved into shape to suit your chosen hairstyle, please do so carefully.

Cleaning and Storage Care

To preserve your wedding dress and its memories it is essential that you have it professionally cleaned and stored correctly to prevent staining, fading and yellowing, as soon as possible after your wedding. Always use a reputable dry cleaner. We can arrange for your dress to be cleaned by a local dry cleaner with whom we trust and have worked with for many years. We can also professionally and beautifully box your dress if you wish. Our prices are very competitive, click here for further information.

Just bring your dress into the shop, there is no need to make an appointment. We will ask you to pay for your chosen service when you drop your dress off.

Please remember if you need any further information please do not hesitate to ask, we’re always happy to help.