Brides Stories: Hannah

Posted on 27th October 2016
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This week we’re sharing Hannah’s ‘bride story’ of her perfect day that took place at in a grand Scottish Castle, the Airth Castle in Falkirk. Read on for Hannah’s invaluable tips on how to really make the big day personal to you.

In a couple of sentences (we know it’s hard!), describe your wedding day…

Perfect, exciting and magical…I I loved being pampered and having my hair and make up done surrounded by my mum and lovely bridesmaids even if the pink champagne did explode (very close to my dress and dyed shoes!). The moment I put my dress on, all nerves were gone and all I felt was excitement. I couldn't wait to get to my ceremony and see the groom and couldn't stop smiling all day. Friends and family could not believe how my groom and I didn’t take our eyes off each other the whole time of the ceremony and how we couldn't stop smiling all day. The wedding day flew by and I couldn't believe how smoothly everything went and how soon the 1am end to our dancing came. A wonderful, emotional, special day surrounded by amazing family and friends.

Why did you choose A Bride-2-Bee to supply your bridal gown?

My mother bought a dress for my brother's wedding the year before from A Bride-2-Bee and highly recommended the shop, the staff and the great customer service.

How did your bridal gown make you feel on the day?

Like a princess!! Very fitting for my castle wedding! I felt like the most beautiful princess in the world as everybody was saying how stunning I looked in the dress - I could not stop smiling all day!

What was your wedding theme or colour(s)? What inspired your theme or colour choice?

Purple because it is both mine and my husband's favourite colour so it was an easy choice! Our reception theme was castles so each table was a different castle around the world that we have visited together. The reason we chose this was because he proposed to me at Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany (my favourite place in Europe) and we also had the venue as Airth Castle in Falkirk, Scotland.

What made your wedding day truly magical?

My handsome groom in his kilt (of course!), the dress, the tiara, the castle, the rose ceremony, my purple shoes, the piper, the ceilidh dancing, our panda and dragon themed cake, the surprise highland dancer performance, sleeping in the four poster suite in the castle and of course all of my friends and family (from 4 different countries) being there all together to celebrate our very special day.

Is there anything you would change or do differently in your wedding planning or on the wedding day itself? Do you have any advice or top tips you would like to share with other brides-to-be?

On the day itself, not much really - I was able to enjoy the day and not worry about time or anything - not wearing a watch really helped me not to worry about keeping on schedule etc. Also we did not eat until 6pm so I would advise sandwiches or light snacks after the ceremony, which we didn’t think we needed but guests were rather hungry by dinner time. (We spent more on the evening buffet at 10pm which actually wasn't eaten much).

In planning the wedding I wish I had been a lot calmer - I was getting so worked up about little things like what shoes the bridesmaids were wearing, the chair covers and lots of other little things that seemed like a big thing before the day but that I didn't even notice on the day. One big trouble I had was finding the right colour bridesmaid dresses and I had four bridesmaids or varying shapes and sizes which made it really difficult so I would recommend just having maybe two bridesmaids and looking for dresses early on before confirming the colour you want. We set up a website with information about the day, food choices, travel advice and accommodation etc for guests which went down really well and meant we were not inundated with questions directly leading up to the wedding. Also another tip I would give is to not worry about keeping to traditions or doing things just because your parents or family want you to - it is your day and you can have it how you want - we came out of the castle ceremony to the "I would walk 500 miles" song on the bagpipes and also we did not seat the top table in the traditional way either. Our family also thought that putting a panda and dragon on our cake was ridiculous but we wanted to have our favourite animals incorporated into the day and it matched our personalities. I would also really recommend adding in a line or two of your own into the vows as it makes the ceremony even more special - and we also incorporated the rose ceremony into our ceremony and it was very emotional.

Are there any wedding suppliers you’d like to recommend to other brides-to-be or who you simply want to give a shout out?

All of ours were in Scotland so not sure how relevant this is but I would definitely recommend Airth Castle in Falkirk as a venue - great value and a great service both before and on the day. Also Weir photography in Alloa werw amazing (guests loved the photo booth and could walk away with their own photos), as were our cake suppliers, Special Days Cakes, near Glasgow.

Is there any part of our service or range of products that really stood out?

Overall a brilliant service! The advice given was great  -my dress was chosen by one of your members of staff - it is not one I would have chosen myself (I chose quite a few but they weren't quite right) but it was perfect when I put it on. I also thought that the neck of the dress was altered fantastically to what suited me much better. I also loved the Ivory &and Co. tiaras. I was also impressed that you checked over the dress on arrival and demanded a new dress from the designer as it wasn't up to quality (although this did cause a rush to get the dress altered in time, I was happy that I had a good quality and well made dress to walk down the aisle in).


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